Thank You/Appreciation

Brianna Roberson

Women’s Council Event Report


Women’s Council Event: Extra Credit

I really enjoyed celebrating the five phenomenal women for the virtual “Phenomenal Women Breaking the Glass Ceiling!” event. I learned a lot of ways to succeed, and I feel they can apply anywhere, not just in real estate. There was a woman who spoke, and her words really stuck with me. She mentioned that she watches how people move, interact, and go about. She sees how they climb the ladder and the people they associate themselves with and this is how she determines who to associate herself with. She gave an example of someone who was even able to be around the Bus h’s’. She saw them and how they climbed the ladder and were able to be around “big” people and this is who she noted to mimic so she could get to their level one day. This small example was a real breakthrough moment to me because it helped me connect with the message and purpose of the event, breaking the glass ceiling. These women are considered phenomenal because they were able to elevate and move to the top. They broke the metaphorical glass ceiling, and their success knew no limits. They did not allow anyone to box them in. They freed themselves and that is truly beautiful.

When attending this virtual event, I also learned that you should never allow yourself to think you are too good for small jobs. A woman at the event spoke about one day being at the door table doing a “small” job such as taking names. No one is too good for entry level work. We must all start somewhere. If that woman would have rejected that job who knows if she would even be half as successful as she is today. If you allow yourself to pass up a chance to as many say, get your foot in the door, you may never get to the place you envision.

The last thing I learned is that we must show up. A speaker from the event shared that since her first convention, she has never missed one. This was amazing to hear. If we could just show up, that is half the effort.

Jayriana Sherrod

Women’s Council Event Report


My experience when viewing the Women’s Council of NAREB was breathtaking, because to see so many beautiful black women celebrate together was refreshing. It reminded of the organization I’m apart of at TSU, and just made me appreciate my org sisters a lot more. For it to have continued this far and to see the women who been in the chapter for many years is a blessing. The prayers and collaboration during it, felt like a virtual family reunion. It’s nice to see women of color come together and makes changes in the real estate business.

April 2, 2020

Women’s Council of NAREB

Dear Scholarship Committee,

I am sincerely honored to have been selected as one of the recipients of the Katrina D. Henry scholarships. Thank you for your generosity and support to the next generation.

I am currently a first-time freshman majoring in pre-nursing and my GPA is a 3.6. I have completed 47 credit hours by taking dual-credit classes in high school and taking 17 hours this past fall. My goal is to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing here at Sam Houston State University.

This scholarship has made one of my short term goals possible which was making the Dean’s List in Fall 2019. My next goal is to make the President’s List. I was able to focus on my studies instead of working part time.

The Women’s Council of NAREB, has inspired me to give back to my community once I begin my career in pediatric nursing. Please accept my sincere gratitude and I thank you for your willingness to contribute to my academic success.

Best Regards,

Mercedes Young

October 29, 2019

Ms. Chandra Ware President

Women’s Council of NAREB
13103 FM 1960 RD., W, Suite 208
Houston, TX. 77065

Dear Ms. Ware:
On behalf of AVANZAR and our clients, I would like to thank you for your generous donation of beautiful flower arrangements from your conference in Atlantic City, NJ. They certainly brightened our offices with their beauty!

AVANZAR’s mission is to empower individuals and families by working to secure their physical safety, emotional well-being, individual freedom and economic equality. In 2018, we provided 2,155 nights of shelter to victims of domestic violence; answered 7,101 hotline calls and provided legal advocacy for 1,498 individuals. AVANZAR also engaged 157 survivors of human trafficking throughout New Jersey, 40% of whom were under the age of 18. We welcomed 14 new families into our creative arts therapy groups (Peace A Learned Solution-PALS) and provided 426 hours of individual creative art therapy. Our Displaced Homemaker Services served 105 clients and 28 ofthem now have jobs!

AVANZAR’s South Region Technical Assistance Center for Grow New Jersey Kids, which focuses on improving the quality of childcare and early learning in early childhood education programs, enrolled 85 centers into Grow New Jersey Kids’ quality rating improvement system and provided 95 professionals with technical assistance. Our Dismantling Racism initiative also continues to grow. We offer a range of community and organizational trainings with the intent to eliminate discrimination by becoming change agents in the workplace and in the community.

Thank you again for your generous support which enables us to fulfill our mission and our vision for social justice.


Claudia Ratzlaff
Chief Executive Officer
Dear Women’s Council of NAREB,
I would like to thank you for all of your help by awarding me the Katrina D. Henry Scholarship. Being selected as a recipient for this scholarship has greatly helped me fulfill my financial needs for attending my university. My goal for my first year of university and for the remaining years I have left to attend university, is to enter each year free of student loans and be able to maintain my college education by paying with scholarships. I have hope in being able to achieve my goal because of donors like you who saw it fit to award an ambitious student like me and make it possible to pursue a degree in a career that I am passionate about.

I would also like the Women’s Council to know that because of your help it made it easier on me to make sure I had all the books I needed for this semester. Being able to have all of the correct books I needed for the semester made it possible for me to achieve making a GPA of 3.75 for my first semester of college. I just want to thank you all again for this opportunity for me to earn one of your scholarships and I am very grateful that I was chosen by the Women’s Council to be a recipient.


Uri-El Jackson